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"Since we started working with Brooks, our leads have grown from around 500 to over 1200."

Brent C. Berge, Riverview Toyota


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Automotive and Retail Marketing Experts

Brooks Advertising is a full-service automotive and retail marketing agency with decades of experience in the field. Our talented, innovative team offers one-on-one personalized strategies and creative specific to your market, your needs, your budget, and your vision. This multifaceted approach increases website traffic, leads, and therefore sales. You’ll have access to our full team of retail and automotive experts that are enthusiastically focused on delivering results for you. With technology changing daily, we stay ahead of the competition to assure our campaigns are attracting serious customers who are ready to buy. Our boutique agency will give you customized attention, the service you deserve and the results you need. We accomplish your goals in a myriad of different ways: branding, creative, TV, radio, outdoor, social media marketing, mobile, display and online video created in-house.


Social Media Marketing

One of the best digital marketing techniques is our proprietary social media marketing strategy. Social media is one of the best ways to target the consumer most likely in the market to buy. We use multiple behavioral and credit data sources as well as your own database, and we only serve campaigns to shoppers when they are looking to your brand and any competing brands. As an example, car buyers spend on average 45 minutes a day on Facebook and 30 minutes a day on Instagram, and these particular platforms are a huge key to your success. Whether it’s model specific campaigns, buy back campaigns, service, conquesting competing brands, or off-lease customers, social media marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach your potential buyers with what they want, command their attention with unique display and video campaigns, and convert them into a lead.


Mobile Marketing

Time spent on mobile is increasing at rapid speeds, now upwards of 3 hours a day! 84% of all time on mobile is spent on an app of some kind, and mobile marketing is another cost-effective way to get in-market buyers to your inventory to buy. Our mobile campaigns run in-app, geo targeted to precise locations. We dominate our competitors with targeted ads served while shoppers are visiting a competitor, and then retarget them after they leave. With registered visitor data, you can see the number of shoppers who walked into your establishment after they had been served an ad, even when we have multiple campaigns running simultaneously, which we always do. We constantly split test and switch out the creative for the ads that are performing the best and are able to get you the most amount of web traffic for the least amount of money.


Video Production

The amount of video that is consumed on digital devices is rising every year while live television consumption is declining rapidly. Many retailers are following this trend and are relying more and more on video online. Our in-house creative and video production capabilities keep you ahead of the competition and make you the most relevant to what shoppers want. We serve targeted videos where shoppers are consuming media and tell your story. Every business and every dealership has a culture. We take your mission and marry it to your marketing to create a brand that is unique to you. We use video to tell that story to in-market shoppers and convert them into enthusiastic fans and satisfied buyers. With this type of personalized product, we generate captivating video assets designed for use across all channels and all devices. Our imaginative, compelling, and topical approach gives potential customers all the reasons why they will love buying from you!

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