Exactly WHERE media is consumed and the time spent may surprise you!

The average time spent with major media is 12 hours and 7 minutes, per day. I find that astounding. The average adult spends 4 hours per day watching television and 6 hours a day consuming media on their devices. How is that even possible, when we sleep on average, 7 hours and work 8? We consume media on several devices simultaneously. You know what I’m talking about, because you do it, too! Here’s the breakout:

TV is still a staggering 4 hours a day, but it has decreased by almost 20% in the last 5 years when it was closer to 5 hours. Time spent consuming media on a device has risen to almost 6 hours a day, and in 2012, it was 4 hours. Radio is 1 hour and 26 minutes a day and print, almost a 1/2 hour.

We know time spent on mobile is always climbing, and you need to make sure your digital buys are covered proportionally to reach people on the device they’re using.  Let’s break out the time spent consuming media per device. Time spent with each device includes all time spent with that device, regardless of multitasking; for example, 1 hour of multitasking on a smartphone while on a tablet is counted as 1 hour for smartphone and 1 hour for tablet.

2 hours a day on a laptop or desktop, 3 hours and 14 minutes a day on mobile, and a 1/2 hour per day on tablets.

TV is still a viable part of your marketing strategy, but it’s getting more and more expensive, and fewer and fewer people will see it. Not only is everyone simultaneously using their smartphones and tablets while watching, a big percentage of viewers record it and watch it later.


You have to be smart about your TV buys and only buy programming that is least likely to get recorded and watched later, ultimately, skipping your ad.

Now, here’s more data from ComScore that shows different percentages but includes news. I try to find as much data from different sources as I can. This still shows that news and sports are the least likely for time-shifted viewing.

Your traditional media buys (live TV and radio) need to be a smaller portion of your overall budget, since there is so much waste. The majority needs to be spent online, reaching shoppers that are in the market for a car. Only 7% of the population is in the market for a vehicle at any given time, so if 1,000 people hear your radio ad or see your TV commercial, only 70 of them intend to buy a vehicle in the next 90 days, and you STILL have no idea which vehicle…an SUV? A truck? You think you can target a truck buyer by placing commercials on a country station like we used to do? Think again. Country music is the most popular genre and reaches the widest demographic profile out there. Listeners are soccer moms driving Range Rovers, college kids driving Corollas, and everything in-between. It’s much more efficient to target in-market shoppers online with exactly the vehicle they want, and get them to your online showroom before they go to your competitors’. Even making small tweaks to your digital strategy can yield significant increases in your leads.

Karen Knudsen Stanley


Emarketer.com “US Time Spent with Media: eMarketer’s Updated Estimates and Forecast for 2014-2019” 5-1-17


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