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Stock Vs Inventory Photos

Stock vs Inventory Photos: Which Perform Better?

If you’ve ever wondered if the type of photos you use matters when it comes to auto sales, you’re probably not alone. I’m sure you have used both stock photos and inventory photos for your social media campaigns. While OEM stock images look sleek and professional, inventory photos give customers a more realistic view of what to expect when they arrive at the dealership to see a vehicle in person.

So which social media automotive ads perform best: Stock photos or inventory photos?

There’s only one way to find out!

We did a split test comparing both types of vehicle images. For this particular split test, we only served used car inventory but the campaigns were identical. Each test group had the same vehicles, same pricing, same geo, and the same audiences on Facebook and Instagram. They also both landed on the SRP with the entire inventory of each model.

Control A utilized stock photography with different backdrops:

stock photos auto sales

Automobile manufacturer stock photography


Control B utilized inventory photography:

dealer inventory photos car sales

Auto dealership actual inventory photos


The spend was slightly less with the inventory photos, yet that campaign produced 24% more engagement, yielded a CPC that was 24% less, 31% lower bounce rate, 128% more time on site, 56% more pages, 138% more leads, 68% more significant actions (goals we set up were clicks to location, form fills, directions, contact us, and Carfax CTAs) and 48% more VDP views. Final results?


Display campaigns with inventory photos performed better in every category!


The results did surprise me. Personally, I prefer the look of the stock photos and the social media ad layout. But it goes without saying that the proof is in the pudding! A person’s design preference is not important, only the results. And because we want to get the most high-quality traffic to your website as we possibly can, we only trust the data.


When it comes to displaying photos on your website, take stock in your inventory.


Are you using solely stock photos to promote your dealership inventory on social media? If you are interested in getting better results and increasing your Arizona automotive sales using our proprietary social media campaign strategy, please call or email us to find out what Brooks Advertising may be able to do for you.

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