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How Location Data Sharing Changes Will Affect Geofencing

When AT&T and T-Mobile stop sharing location data, how will that affect mobile geofencing campaigns?

AT&T and T-Mobile recently announced* that they would stop sharing location data. This change comes following an incident where a bounty hunter was able to find their intended target based on the location of the person’s mobile device.  Smart! But it left many of us in the automotive advertising business wondering – How will it affect us and the way we approach mobile geofencing campaigns for our clients?

It’s no secret that when it comes to targeted automotive marketing, we rely heavily on location data for our mobile geofencing campaigns, and in turn we are able to track the registered showroom visits back to a specific campaign. Not only do we target our own dealerships, but also our competitors’ stores and off-brand locations, with multiple creatives and messaging depending on the location and target market. Mobile geofencing is crucial to our success in these marketing efforts. Depending on the make and the market, 60-70% of all website traffic comes from a mobile device, and that number is still climbing.

Mobile geofencing campaigns are on the rise

So how will this affect our ability to target people based on their location?

Believe it or not, it won’t. We buy our location data from the publishers and app developers. About 80% of our data comes from phone ID’s with the location enabled.  These users are utilizing nearly three-million available apps, spending 84% of their time on their mobile device using an app.  The good news is that nothing will change on the marketing end (at least for now) which means we can keep targeting potential buyers based on location. Unfortunately, the bounty hunters can’t say the same. But we’re confident that they’ll find another way.


We can keep targeting potential buyers based on location.


brooks automotive geofencingIf you would like to learn more about how to increase the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns and attract more registered showroom traffic, we may be able to help. Contact Brooks Automotive Advertising to find out how we may be able to help with your automotive advertising needs and whether a location-based marketing strategy like geofencing may be right for you.





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