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How To Generate More Auto Sales Leads

How to Generate More Auto Sales Leads

So, how do you ACTUALLY increase leads by 117%?

If you’ve been paying attention to the Phoenix automotive market over the past 18 months, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed the insane growth going on over at Riverview Toyota. Not only is it the fastest growing Toyota store in Arizona…it’s also the fastest growing automotive store regardless of the brand!

Anyone in the car business who’s heard the name John Stanley knows he can turn any store around. Now of course, I’m biased…because he’s my husband. Nevertheless, the numbers don’t lie. When it comes to adding up figures, marketing agencies usually delight in taking all the credit, which of course is ridiculous. Without an exceptional operator and an outstanding sales team, you won’t sell more cars no matter how much you spend in advertising. Now, it’s also not possible to experience that kind of lead growth without the blending of a talented GM and a proven marketing partner. One simply doesn’t prosper without the other. It’s nearly impossible to increase leads at this rate without changing your marketing plan. That’s why John allowed us handle the creative and campaigns so that he could focus on what he does best – running the store.

The numbers don’t lie.

Using this marketing strategy increased his lead count from 573 per month, when we initially took over 18 months ago, to 1,242 at present. So how did we do it, you ask?

Here’s how:


We switched our website provider to one that gets a much higher conversion rate. It really doesn’t matter what aesthetic you like or what layout looks best to you. The only thing that matters is the conversion rate. If you’re not getting 2%, you’re with the wrong website company and ultimately, you’re losing business.


We focused on KEY zip codes only. We thoroughly examined the pump-in’s and pump-out’s in order to determine which zips to target, so there was no waste. We hit our PMA hard, and went after specific zips outside of our PMA, where it made the most sense. Basically, competitors who were previously taking our market share.

3. SEM

We changed to an SEM partner with a much higher click through rate. We spent the same budget but yielded 30% more clicks. If you’re getting a 4-5% click through rate, you’re not getting what you could be.


Learn how branding strategy can increase leads

A key piece of the branding strategy puzzle to increase leads is consistency

We created a BRAND. Previously, this dealership didn’t have one. There was no consistent look or color scheme. They didn’t have a tagline or an identity that resonated with the consumer, so they asked us to work with them on their auto dealership branding. We created a consistent brand including: Font, style, color palette, logo, and tagline. You have to have all of these things, and it is imperative that it remains consistent, no matter what.


Consistency with campaign networks is a proven automotive marketing strategy

Consistency with campaign networks is a proven automotive marketing strategy

We continually utilized the same CHANNELS, but routinely tested and changed the CREATIVE. Consistency with the campaign networks is always a winner. You can’t buy every medium from every vendor, and you can’t pursue every type of marketing out there. So we focused on the SIX key channels that consistently brought us the best results and stayed on those, month after month. Only SIX. Now when it came to the creative and the messaging, we changed that all the time. We constantly split-tested the messaging and creative in order to determine the ones that were yielding the best traffic.


We increased their Social Media leads by 15%, utilizing our proprietary social media strategy.

Social Media strategy is a key factor to increase lead generation

Social Media is another important element of increasing lead generation


We continually and routinely told the customer what THEY would get out of coming to Riverview. Let’s face it…they only care about what’s in it for THEM.


Lastly, don’t forget about Fixed Ops! The service department grows with the sales department if you have the right team. We also have a separate proven strategy for Service and Parts that works.


If you’re tired of guessing about the best ways to increase lead generation, and you want to learn more about a proven automotive marketing strategy that actually increases leads, contact Brooks Advertising for a free consultation.


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