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Auto Dealership Branding Arizona

Branding Your Arizona Auto Dealership

Does anyone really care about your brand, logo, or tagline?  I think we tend to put 100% of our focus on the need to sell in the double-digits RIGHT NOW, but perhaps not enough emphasis on what we need to do today to sell in the double-digits five years from now. When it comes to selling autos to customers in Arizona, sometimes our attention becomes focused solely on the automotive business itself. However, if we look beyond our industry at the “best of the best” in any field, it becomes clear that one of the reasons successful businesses have gotten where they are is due to brand identity.

There’s a reason your watch is a Rolex.

What is a brand anyway, and why does it matter? Well, let’s start by taking a look at everything you may have purchased within this past year. Believe it or not, the branding of the products you purchased very likely played an important part in your decision to buy those products. And that feeling you got about the company IS because of the brand. It’s an expectation you had based on what they promised to deliver; right? There’s a reason why you own a Rolex brand watch, and not a Casio. It’s because you expect a certain standard from a Rolex. In fact, you probably buy certain products repeatedly because you know what to expect and you trust that they will deliver what you want. That’s branding. 

If you went out on the street and asked 20 people, “What is the brand of my dealership?”, I bet not too many people would know. If they have done business with you in the past, then they might have a feeling about your dealership, good or bad. And if they haven’t done business with you, then perhaps they either don’t know who you are or they have stronger feelings about one of your competitors. 

I’m trying to sell cars. Why does my brand matter?

When we’re talking about competitive Arizona automotive marketing, one of the goals in working with our clients is to create a brand so strong and an experience so good that all your customers and all of their friends, will return to your dealership and buy their cars from YOU.  That can only be done with a strong brand, a brand that means something and doesn’t change. Along with a culture that must stand behind that brand.

In order to create that strong brand image, first we must ask: What is it that makes your dealership truly different? You have the same cars as your competitors, you have the same building, roughly the same amount of inventory. So, what actually makes you different?  Why would a customer care to come specifically to you? Of course, no one else has your values, no one else has your employees, and no one has your specific knowledge or expertise. But you must go further and ask yourself, “What’s in it for THEM?”  Why? Because people care most about themselves! You MUST give them what they WANT so that they will keep coming back. 

Think about it. If a brand truly didn’t matter, then you would buy anything that simply served your needs, no matter what the brand was. But in reality, we only buy the brands we know and trust, especially when we’re talking about a purchase and a commitment as important as a vehicle. If you don’t have a brand that matters, then why would anyone think of you when they’re in the market for a vehicle? If they think of you in a negative way, they’ll never come back.

Building a strong brand identity and staying with it long enough for people to recognize it and have a positive feeling about you IS investing in your future. Think of it as your 401K.  Yes, we all need to sell cars today, we all need to have aggressive offers and target in-market shoppers with what they want, but we also need those shoppers to believe that their experience will be an outstanding one. We do that with branding, in conjunction with our offers. We build a brand that succinctly demonstrates WHO YOU ARE and how your potential customers will FEEL about your dealership. Let’s look at an example of an auto dealership branding.

The Wright Way…it’s different.

In this case, a dealer wanted specific branding with one purpose –  To create a new perception of a dealership he had just purchased. But he wanted to do it in a way that was completely outside the box. He was doing business differently than the previous owner, he had a different philosophy, he wanted to let the public know that nothing is the same, and he wanted to do that with a message and a brand that would stand out. So we created images to demonstrate non-automotive themes that were the same, and then one that was different. Images where only one thing stands out from the rest, to illustrate that point and then solidify it with a new tagline.

Auto dealership branding

Set your business apart with unique branding


Wright Honda Service


Wright Honda Mission


Wright Honda: The Wright Way




Automotive branding Arizona

Automotive marketing and branding case study

This is just one example of how we were able take the vision, personality, and goals of one specific dealer and marry that vision with the marketing plan for his business. This creative was specific to his needs and goals and vision. Now, every client is completely unique. Every business has a niche and a personality. What we do with marketing and branding in this highly competitive Arizona auto market is hone in on those unique qualities and create custom branding that will last and be meaningful, not only to you but to all of your future customers.



Have you given as much attention to your branding and image as you have to other aspects of your Arizona auto dealership? Whether you think your branding is lacking lustre, or even if you don’t have a brand at all, Brooks Automotive Advertising may be able to help. We specialize in Arizona automotive branding and marketing. Contact us to see what we may be able to do for you.

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